MODS Element Attributes Subelements




Usage Guidelines

  1. Information recorded in <mods:typeOfResource> refers to the original object. For example, in a record for a digitized photograph, <mods:typeOfResource> would refer to the analog original, not to the digital surrogate. If the object is born-digital, then it would refer to that object.
  2. This element takes only the following values:



notated music

sound recording

sound recording-musical

sound recording-nonmusical

still image

moving image

three dimensional object

software, multimedia

mixed material



Required: Y

Repeatable: Y

MARC: Leader/06

Definition: A term that specifies the characteristics and general type of content of the resource.


collection=”yes” (recommended if applicable): used to indicate whether the resource described is a collection. If there are multiple resource types within the collection, use multiple <mod:typeOfResource> elements

manuscript=”yes” (recommended if applicable): use to indicate whether the resource is handwritten or typescript