MODS Element Attributes Subelements
<mods:relatedItem> @type All MODS elements

Usage Guidelines

  1. One <mods:relatedItem type=”host”>, with a title and link, is required in every record to identify the collection.
  2. Any MODS element may be used as a subelement of <mods:relatedItem>, except nested <mods:relatedItem> elements.
  3. <mods:relatedItem> may be used:
    • If you need to point to a record for a related item, using xlink and an empty element.
    • If you need to provide contextual information, such as a description of a series or version.
    • If you need to provide specific and detailed information about constituent parts, like the tracks on a CD.
  4. The analog version of a digital surrogate should be described in the main record.
  5. <mods:tableOfContents> is preferred over <mods:relatedItem>, unless more information is needed about constituent parts.



Required: N

Repeatable: Y

MARC: 7XX, 490, 8XX, 510

Definition: Information that identifies other resources related to the one being described.


type (required): This attribute describes the relationship between the related item and the parent MODS record. It accepts the following values:





xlink:href (recommended if applicable): Used to link to external resources, taking a URL

display label (optional)


<!-- Linking -->

<mods:relatedItem displayLabel="Preceding Title" type="preceding" xlink:href=""/>

<mods:relatedItem xlink:href="info:lccn/85000002" />

<!-- Context -->

<mods:relatedItem displayLabel="Appears in" type="host">
    <mods:subTitle>a reader</mods:subTitle>
  <mods:name type="personal" authority="naf"> 
    <mods:namePart type="given">Ash</mods:namePart>
    <mods:namePart type="family">Amin</mods:namePart> 
      <mods:roleTerm type="text">editor</mods:roleTerm>
    <mods:publisher>Blackwell Publishers</mods:publisher> 
      <mods:placeTerm type="text">Oxford</mods:placeTerm> 
    <mods:extent unit="page">

<!-- Constituent parts -->

<mods:relatedItem type="constituent" ID="DMD_disc01_tr001">
  <mods:titleInfo type="uniform" authority="naf">
    <mods:title>Chaconne von Vitali</mods:title> 
  <mods:name type="personal" authority="naf"> 
    <mods:namePart>Vitali, Tomaso Antonio</mods:namePart>
     <mods:namePart type="date">1663-1745</mods:namePart>
       <mods:roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">composer</mods:roleTerm>
  <mods:name type="personal" authority="naf"> 
    <mods:namePart>Blatt, Josef</mods:namePart>
      <mods:roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">performer</mods:roleTerm> 
  <mods:note type="Standard Restriction">This item is unavailable due to copyright restrictions.</mods:note> 
  <mods:note type="performers">Nathan Milstein, violin ; Josef Blatt, piano.</mods:note> 
  <mods:note type="statement of responsibility">Tomaso Vitali</mods:note>
  <mods:note>Originally for violin and continuo; arr. for violin and piano.</mods:note>
  <mods:note>Attributed to Tomaso Vitali, but most likely not by him.</mods:note> 
  <mods:subject authority="lcsh"> 
    <mods:topic>Chaconnes (Violin and piano), Arranged.</mods:topic>