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MODS Element Attributes Subelements
<mods:note> @type None

Usage Guidelines

  1. This element should be used sparingly. If a more specific MODS element would be more appropriate, always use the more specific element.
  2. Consult this list of common note terms from the Library of Congress. If you require an additional type, please contact the Metadata Librarian.
  3. The following types of notes are most common:
Type Label MARC
bibliography Bibliography 504
credits Credits 508
exhibitions Exhibition History 585
provenance Provenance 541, 561
statementOfResponsibility Responsibility 245 $c
titleSource Title Source 500



Required: N

Repeatable: Y

MARC: 5XX, 245 $c

Definition: General textual information relating to a resource.


type (required): see above

displayLabel (optional): see above


<mods:note type=“credits”>Digital file includes a piano score composed and performed by Philip Carli.</mods:note>

<mods:note>Based on the play "I am a camera" by John Van Druten, and "Berlin stories" by Christopher Isherwood.</mods:note>