This is a set of implementation guidelines of the Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) for use in describing digital collections at Northern Illinois University. These guidelines are intended to meet minimum requirements for description and interoperability defined by the Digital Library Federation. In the interest of interoperability and shareability, it is important that the same elements, attributes, and values are used consistently from project to project. New projects should adhere closely to this data dictionary, while documenting any divergences. The elements and attributes below are designated as required, required if applicable, or recommended. In many cases, a required element and attribute will also have a required container, which will always be noted at the beginning of the usage guidelines for that element. If an element is not recommended, then it has been omitted from the data dictionary entirely. An element may also be designated as repeatable. The two charts at the beginning of this document attempt to summarize these requirements for ready reference. Each element section below consists of:

  • A list of the element’s attributes and subelements;
  • A summary of usage guidelines and requirements;
  • Element definitions from the MODS User Guidelines;
  • Examples of the element illustrating the application of these guidelines.

Based on MODS Schema version 3.5.

Please direct any questions or corrections to the Metadata Librarian, Matthew Short.