MODS Element Attributes Subelements
<mods:genre> @authority None

Usage Guidelines

  1. <mods:genre> refers to the content of the digital resource being described, not to the digital resource itself.
  2. At minimum, use a broad genre term that narrows the scope of the value given in <mods:typeOfResource>. “Photograph,” for example, is a term that can be found in most vocabularies, like LCSH, AAT, and TGM II.
  3. More specific genre terms that suit the needs of a particular project are strongly recommended, but should always be taken from a controlled vocabulary. The most appropriate vocabulary will vary depending on the project, but common choices include:

aat (Art & architecture thesaurus (Getty))

rbgenr (Genre terms)

gmgpc (Thesaurus for graphic materials (LC))

rbbin (Binding terms)

rbpap (Paper terms)

rbpri (Printing & publishing evidence)

rbprov (Provenance evidence)

rbpub (Printing and publishing evidence)

rbtyp (Type evidence)



Required: R

Repeatable: Y

MARC: 008/24-33, 655

Definition: A term or terms that designate a category characterizing a particular style, form, or content, such as artistic, musical, literary composition, etc.


authority (required): Values should be taken from the Subject Category Code Source Codes or the Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes


<!--For a digital image of a Civil War era daguerreotype portrait-->

<mods:genre authority="aat">daguerreotypes</mods:genre>
<mods:genre authority="aat">portraits</mods:genre>

<!--For a children's adventure story-->

<mods:genre authority="gsafd">adventure fiction</mods:genre>
<mods:genre authority="lcsh">Children's literature</mods:genre>