MODS Element Attributes Subelements
<mods:abstract> None None

Usage Guidelines

  1. Omit this element if a title adequately describes the content of the resource.
  2. However, this element is always required in collection-level records, and should be used to provide an overview of the scope, history, and provenance of the collection.



Required: R

Repeatable: Y

MARC: 520

Definition: A summary of the content of the resource.


<mods:abstract displayLabel="Content description">Broadside advertising a funeral ceremony assassinated president Abraham Lincoln, held in Elgin, Illinois, on April 19, 1865. It details the route of the procession, the order of local official participants in the procession, and the order of service for the ceremony to be held in the Academy Hall.</mods:abstract>

<mods:abstract>Describes the results of an ongoing evaluation of State activity relating to improvement of criminal records. Activities reviewed include upgrading of accuracy and completeness of records, automation, implementation of positive identification procedures and procedures for responding to firearm background check inquiries. The report describes the nature of activities initiated, time until completion, and impact on availability of records. Characteristics of individual states are represented in some areas. The document was prepared by Queues Enforth Development under BJS award 95-RU-RX-K002. 2/00 NCJ 179768.</mods:abstract>