Like other library resources, criteria for selection and preservation will be consistent. Materials selected for digital stewardship and preservation carry with them the library's commitment to maintain the materials for as long as needed or desired.

The Library will strive to:

  • Comply with the OAIS reference model, and other digital preservation standards and practices;
  • Develop a scalable and realistic digital preservation infrastructure;
  • Manage hardware, software, and storage media components in accordance with industry standards and security requirements;
  • Ensure interoperability and long-term sustainability by using open source formats and software whenever feasible;
  • Ensure the integrity of data by guaranteeing that it is the same as it was when it was originally recorded;
  • Create and maintain adequate metadata (e.g. administrative, descriptive, preservation, provenance, rights, and technical) necessary for the ongoing use of the digital assets;
  • And comply with copyright, intellectual property rights, and/or other legal rights related to copying, storage, modification, and use of digital resources.