This policy endeavors to ensure that the intellectual and cultural heritage important to Northern Illinois University be preserved and remains accessible for future use. The objectives of the policy are to:

  • Explain the scope of digital preservation, including the sources and types of materials that will be preserved, and why the policy is necessary;
  • Enumerate the challenges inherent in implementing a digital preservation program;
  • Establish a formal commitment on behalf of NIU Libraries that will proactively protect the Library's digital investments;
  • Demonstrate organizational commitment and identify ongoing, sustainable funding strategies;
  • Outline the principles on which digital preservation actions will be based;
  • Identify the stakeholders responsible for discrete components of digital preservation strategies and work;
  • Explore efficiencies through integration, automation, and collaboration where possible;
  • Define a regular schedule for policy review and describe implementation activities; and
  • Define terms, identify standards, and enumerate resources that will inform digital preservation activities.