A documented below, the Library's levels of commitment recognizes that developing solutions for born digital materials informs solutions for the other categories. The commitment statement does not imply that these assets are inherently more valuable or important than other categories and/or our traditional analog materials.

Born-digital materials: Special effort must be made to ensure that selected materials be preserved in perpetuity.

Digitized materials (no analog available): All reasonable steps must be taken to preserve materials without a print analog when re-digitization is not possible or if re-digitization would pose further harm to the physical item.

Digitized materials (analog materials available): Reasonable measures must be taken to extend the life of digital objects with a readily available print analog. The cost of re-digitizing will need to be weighed against the cost of preserving the existing digital object.

Licensed digital resources: The Library is committed to working within our consortia, licensing agreements, etc. to assure ongoing access to and long-term preservation for licensed resources (ebooks, subscription databases, etc.). Whenever possible, we advocate for services that have preservation infrastructure (e.g. Portico) and/or articulated exit strategies for licensed materials in the event of the cessation of the consortia or licensing agreement(s).

Other materials: Materials for short term use, such as those scanned for interlibrary borrowing requests, or for other content deemed unessential, will not be preserved.