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Lee Schreiner Sheet Music Collection

Lee Schreiner donated a large portion of his sheet music collection--several thousand pieces--to Rare Books and Special Collections in 2014. Music in the collection covers much of the early 20th century, with coverage especially strong during World War I (1914-1918). Because most Americans either had access to pianos or watched performers at music halls, sheet music is an ideal medium for studying popular and visual culture. Pieces in the collection reflect popular opinion about the war, as well as the changing status of women and minorities. The first phase to digitize the Schreiner collection concluded in 2017 to coincide with the centennial of World War I, with future plans to digitize more of the collection later in the year.

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Dolly at the door
words by wife of Corp. W.H. Goodfellow, Jr. ; music by C.W. McDonald., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Mother and daughter sitting on the porch of their house. The soldier father is above them in a cloud writing a letter at a desk., My papa's gone away to fight the Huns they say., If you cannot come home my daddy dear can you find a scrap o' paper just to cheer your little Dolly., Staff notation.
Don't insult the stars and stripes
words by Philip Callahan ; music by Charles J.W. Jerreld., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., American flag., It was on a Sunday morning, When in Manila Bay., There were thoughts of home and beauty, And sweethearts far away., Staff notation.
How I long for the USA
words by Wm. Heusinger ; music by Chas. Sliger., piano, voice, Title from cover., Arranged by Wm. F. Mayer., March for voice and piano., Soldier standing at attention with rifle., Gay is the night stars are falling oh the moon shines so brightly too., Dry your tears calm your fears Molly Darling, see our boys clad in blue dont they look fine., Staff notation.
Each for all, and all for each
lyric by Harold G. Frost ; music by F. Henri Klickmann., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., "Song dedicated to the Co-Operative Society of America"--Cover., New York Harbor with the Statue of Liberty, steamships and the skyline of Manhattan., Ev'rybody's cheering war on profiteering most ev'ry place that you go., Staff notation., NIU copy: imperfect, missing pages 3-4.
Here I am Uncle Sammy, take me
words by Dean T. Wilton ; music by James McHugh., voice, piano, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., "Most Respectfully Dedicated To Our Gallant Boys of the Army and Navy and to The Allies with whom we are United making us One For All and All for One!"--Cover., Drawing of Uncle Sam holding American flag and American eagle / E.S. Fisher., I heard a voice in the still of night., Here I am! Uncle Sammy, take me., Staff notation.
76er Marsch
von A. Ganzer., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Bugle corps composed of five uniformed soldiers blowing long-necked bugles with banners that have the symbol of the single-headed German royal eagle on them., Staff notation.
"Lieb Vaterland"
Title from caption on page 3., Zeichnungen von L.C. Chaponot ; Gravierungen von California Photo Eng. Co. ; Vollbild von D. Blakiston., piano, voice, A collection of texts and music., In German., Staff notation.
lyrics by Raymond Zirkel ; music by Earl McCullough., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Lady Liberty is wearing a patriotic dress sitting on a marble throne. She is holding out her hand to greet a man walking toward her with a cane tipping his hat to her. A bald eagle is holding an arrow with a flag in its claws flying towards her. Illustration is printed in blue and white., Have you ever whispered "Thankee.", Dixie Doodle, you're the land for me., Raymond L. Zirkel, Jr. worked for the Al. G. Field Minstrels and was active with the Alladin Shrine in Columbus, Ohio and wrote for the annual Shrine Revues. He collaborated with Carl E. Summers., Staff notation.
Deutschen Furcht
Text von A. Ey und Hugo F. W. Janowski ; Musik von E. Karl., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Red and black line frame with the German coat of arms at the top., Die ganze Welt in Wassen starrt., Wir Deutschen fürchten unsern Gott., Music based on an old tune., In German., Staff notation.
Here comes the band
by Ben M. Jerome., piano, Title from cover., Arranged for piano., "Band, orchestra, mandolin, guitar, banjo.", "Respectfully dedicated to my friend Frank I. Bernard"--Page [2]., Crowd of people watching a marching band go by composed of ladies, a gentleman, and a police officer. Three amateur musicians stage their own parade off to the side. One holds a homemade drum majors baton and the other two play a flute and a recorder. The drum major of the marching band has turned aside to watch them. Inset photo of Ben M. Jerome., Staff notation.
Belgian mother's prayer
written by Edward Thornton ; music by R. Van Sickle., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Young woman wearing an elegant gown with a tiera holding scroll with the title and authors of the song. A woman in traditional dress sits on a settee playing a folk instrument with two strings and a neck with frets., The transport ships were leaving all., Oh, God bless you Yankee heroes., Staff notation., Publisher's advertisements on verso of page 3 include musical incipits: Hurrah, hurrah! for America : patriotic song / by Minnie Battle Allyn. The stars in "Old Glory" / by Herbert Miles. Memories of days long ago / by Earle Perry Rouse. The days of youth : valse / by Arthur T. Cort.
After the war is over
words by Frederick H. Green ; music by Arthur A. Penn., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Columbia standing on the earth holding a torch in one hand and two peace doves on reins in the other / E. H. Pfeiffer., Safe in our own dear country., After the war is over., Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Web site., Staff notation.
Be prepared
by Belle Schrag., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., "Dedicated to Pres. Wilson"--Cover., View from a battlement with canons out onto a harbor with battlesheeps. The scene is framed by American flag curtains., To arms! to arms! the call might come someday., Be prepared! be prepared! for peace war might be declared., Staff notation., Publisher's advertisement on verso of page 3 includes musical incipits from 4 pieces: Serenade / by Lota A. Feltus and John Northern Hillard. Kiss me good-bye (daisy do) / by Belle Schrag. That story of beautiful love / by Chas. L. Johnson and Harry Reynolds. Life is a beautiful dream / by Everett J. Evans and Harry Reynolds.
Be careful Mary
words by Dick Howard ; music by Lewis F. Muir., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Irish woman looking out the window of her house at her boyfriend who is marching in a parade of soldiers going off to war. Inset photograph of Elizabeth M. Murray., See the Irish soldiers march in line., Be careful Mary, my Irish fairy., Staff notation.
America must win
words by C. A. Mulliner ; music by J. C. Hall., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., World War I battlefield scene with a ghostly Revolutionary War unit in the sky., We've got the Kaiser on the run with the use of our big gun., Now we must get the Kaiser no matter what it costs., Staff notation., "To our army and navy of the U. S. A."
Allies' chorus
words and music by Jack Bullough., piano, voice, Composer is pianist, Winnipeg Theatre Orchestra., Title from cover., For voice and piano., Also includes C-A-N-A-D-I-A-N-S / by Jack Bullough., List to the nation's call., Boys of the allies we., Inset photo of composer with series of small photos depicting costumes of allied countries. Printed in purple ink / photo C.B.W. Winnipeg., "Sung by Mrs. R.H. Graham under the auspices of the Girls' Auxiliary R.S.A.", Staff notation.
My Alsace Lorraine
words by L. Wolfe Gilbert ; music by Lewis F. Muir., piano, voice, Title from caption., For voice and piano., Two Flags crossed, one of France (Mother's Land) and Third Reich (Father's Land) with a young man looking at the two and scratching his head. Bust of young woman above the two flags labeled "Alsace Lorraine" / De Takacs., Publisher's advertisements include portions of: I had a gal, I had a pal (He stole my gal away) / Lewis F. Muir and L. Wolfe Gilbert. Heavy on the catsup : rag / by Lewis F. Muir. Camp meeting band / Lewis F. Muir and L. Wolfe Gilbert., There's a big bound'ry line in my heart., Alsace Lorraine on to Paris or Berlin., Staff notation.
Airship "Cannonball" is leaving
by Jess R. Batt., piano, voice, Publisher's advertisement on verso of p. 3 has incipits for piano pieces: Victor ragtime band / music by Alphonse E. Bohrer ; words by Julius C. Spiro. Chopsticks : the Chinese one step / John Wentholt. Swiss cheese rag / by Alphonse E. Bohrer. Frasquita tango / by W. Buse. Sous le feuillage / by W. Buse. Scherzo romantico / by Alphonse E. Bohrer. Harmony waltz / by Alphonce Bohror [sic]., Title from cover., March for voice and piano., monoplanes flying over ocean with ship, cheering crowd on U.S. shore, two men in France looking up with binoculars., Hark amidst the throng of cheers., Come on across, come on across, General Pershing's calling me., "The first and only original aviation war song success!", Also published under different title: Come over., Staff notation.
All aboard for home sweet home
words by Addison Burkhart ; music by Al Piantadosi and Jack Glogau., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Soldiers boarding a steamship; hovering in the background is the Statue of Liberty / Starmer., Cheer up mothers, dry your tears he's coming back to you., All aboard for home sweet home again to the girl I left behind., Staff notation.
A message from the good old U.S.A.
words by Frank Glasner ; music by E. S. S. Huntington., piano, voice, Title from caption, March for voice and piano., Uncle Sam in soldier's uniform holding a sword in his left hand while writing the title of the song on the background above his head with his right hand. An eagle with wings depicting the stars and stripes of the American flag flies at his waist / Thiele., Entwine the flag of dear old England., So entwine the flags of all the Allies., Staff notation.
Red Cross volunteer
words and music by E. Paul Kaps., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., Photo of a Red Cross Nurse sitting at a table holding up a newspaper with the caption "New War Photos." Flaming torches with acanthus motifs frame the sides of the photo., You have heard of Europe's war., For I'm a Red Cross volunteer., Staff notation.
"Buy a Liberty bond"
Zeph Fitzgerald., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., Soldier grasping the arm of a German soldier who is on his knees in front of him. The German soldier is grasping the arm of a woman who is pulled down to the ground beside him. A dead young girl lies naked next to the German soldier and woman., Can't you hear your country's call?, Buy a Liberty bond go buy it., Staff notation.
The battle ship rag
words and music by Thos. S. Allen., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., "Respectfully dedicated to Col. Benter, Bandmaster (R.I.)"--Caption., Battleship on the open sea with border made up of columns with American flags and shields with dolphins and anchors., Down in the bay., See those sailors when they get on shore., Staff notation.
Don't forget the boys
words and music by Sidney Greene., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Uncle Sam stands on the steps of the United States Captiol building holding a flyer with the word "bonus" on it. Behind him is a crowd of war veterans, some disabled from fighting in the war., Just to refreshen your mem'ry., The navy did their bit on the water., "Dedicated to the Veterans of the World War.", Staff notation.
Black Jack
by Fred K. Huffer., piano, Title from cover., For piano., "Respectfully dedicated to Gen. John J. Pershing, U.S.A.", Portrait photo of Gen. Pershing with an illustration of figures from a marching band, a drum major and four instrumentalists., Staff notation.