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Lee Schreiner Sheet Music Collection

Lee Schreiner donated a large portion of his sheet music collection--several thousand pieces--to Rare Books and Special Collections in 2014. Music in the collection covers much of the early 20th century, with coverage especially strong during World War I (1914-1918). Because most Americans either had access to pianos or watched performers at music halls, sheet music is an ideal medium for studying popular and visual culture. Pieces in the collection reflect popular opinion about the war, as well as the changing status of women and minorities. The first phase to digitize the Schreiner collection concluded in 2017 to coincide with the centennial of World War I, with future plans to digitize more of the collection later in the year.

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Dixie doodle girl
by W. C. Powell., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Columbia wearing a white dress, with her left arm extended, upon which is perched a bald eagle; she is holding an American flag on a staff with her right hand, and an oversized, partially unfurled American flag is in the background / Bertha Youngs., Staff notation.
Hello, Miss Liberty
words by Thomas J. Gray ; music by Fred Fischer., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Silhouette of the Statue of Liberty looking out towards New York Harbor as a ship approaches. Inset photo of Sue Smith / Gene Buck., When you leave your "Home sweet home.", Goodbye, old Ireland., Staff notation.
Don't let your foot slip, Hiram
words and music by Norma Gregg., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Young man carrying a carpet bag steps out of a circle with one larger than life oversized foot. The heads of four women with various expressions wearing hats line the top of the circle / Goddard., Hiram packed his old tin trunk., Look out for the girl with the twinkle in her eye., Staff notation.
Don't take the red and white out of the flag and leave us the blues
words by Joe Young and Sam M. Lewis ; music by Walter Donaldson., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Strip of ribbon in red white and blue with various motifs, floral and geometric / RS., Come on and rally around the flag., Red and white out of the flag., Staff notation.
The dove of peace
by Otto Motzan., piano, Title from cover., Waltz for piano., Woman wearing a white toga style dress releases a dove. She stands on a marble staircase overlooking a lawn with a fountain with a forest beyond. The sun is rising over the entire scene., Staff notation.
Drauf und d'ran!
komponiert von Oscar Fetrás., piano, voice, "Nach bekannten Soldaten-Liedern für Klavier mit überlegtem Text"--Cover., Title from cover., March for voice and piano., Oak tree with composer and publisher information incorporated into the motif., Publication date inferred from title., Was blasen die Trompeten Husaren heraus., Staff notation.
Dumbell rag
words and music by Ivor E. Ayre., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Photo of Ivor E. Ayre on a red background with black lettering. Red dumbell above first word of title., Hi! Boys hear our latest rag., Oh that Dumbell rag., Composer is musical director of the Dumbells., "Sung by the Dumbells in their overseas revue Biff, Bing, Bang."--Cover., Staff notation.
The dying soldier's message
words by F. N. Jellison ; music by L. A. Clark., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Draw near, my dear old comrade., There's a chain clasped to a locket., Staff notation.
Across the Rio Grande
words by Dave Reed and George Graff, Jr. ; music by Ernest R. Ball., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., Commanding officer on horseback raises his sword to lead his troops into battle. Behind him another soldier on horseback carries a large American Flag. Inset photo of Ernest R. Ball of Lambert & Ball with caption: "Sung with great success by.", Our Uncle Sam is mild., It's just the same old story., Staff notation.
A mother's soldier boy
words & music by Jos. A. Curtis., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., "Respectfully dedicated to my friends The Skillman Club of Newark, N. J."--Page 4 of cover., Woman seated in a parlor chair holding a flag. A little boy stands in front of her resting a toy rifle on his shoulder with one hand and beating a drum he wears around his waist with the other. Above them in a cloud is a young man dressed as a soldier standing at a attention with a rifle and bayonet. At the bottom, a bald eagle holds a banner reading "A true American song" / R. H. Reiboldt., A little boy was playing war., Tramp Tramp Tramp, the boys are marching., Staff notation.
A sailor of the USA
by the writers of My dream of the U.S.A. Leonard Chick, Chas H. Roth., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Illustration of a battle at sea with the caption "Battle of the Serapis and the Bon Homme Richard" / W.C. Money[?], On the shore at Hampton roads., I want to be a sailor just like John Paul Jones., Staff notation.
A soldier's love
words and music by Frank Krulish., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., "Respectfully dedicated to the soldiers of the American Army world war"--Cover., Photograph of Frank Krulish holding a violin and bow., As the shades of night were falling o'er a plain., My thoughts are always towards home turning it makes no difference where I am., "A true story taken from life, introducing his dream for home"--Cover., "Frank Krulish served with United States Naval Forces on the Army troopship, U.S.S. Martha Washington, U.S.N."--Cover., Staff notation.
Alter Jägermarsch von 1813
bearbeitet von Josef Wattke., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Military commanders on horseback lead soldiers through the countryside. A soldier with a rifle and bayonet looks on., Staff notation.
Always ahead
by Carl Millegram., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Boy dressed in knickers holding a large American flag that blows in the wind behind him., Staff notation.
Battle of the nations
by E. T. Paull., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Chaotic battle scene including a biplane, dirigible, horses, and cannons., "Companion piece to the celebrated Napoleon's Last charge descriptive march."--Cover., Cover lithography by A. Hoen & Co., Richmond, Va., Publisher's advertisement on p.[4]: compositions and march arrangements by E. T. Paull. Page printed in red., Not in Vogel., Staff notation.
America we love thee
words & music by H. A. Tuckett., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., View of the U.S. Capitol building on the horizon flanked by American flags. An eagle statue stands on top of each of the flag poles., Staff notation.
The bell of freedom
by Karl Lenox., piano, Title from cover., For piano., View through the bell tower of the Liberty Bell with the Philadelphia skyline bordered by side bars with stars., Staff notation., "Liberty Bell 1776, Introducing church chimes"--Cover.
American Legion's march
by Lincoln G. Scheetz & J. H. Meredith., piano, Title from cover., Caption title gives composer as "I. H. Meredith.", March for piano., Photograph with caption: "General Pershing reviewing Americans at Metz Apr. 29, 1919.", Staff notation.
American Guard march
by Geo. D. Meares, piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Lady Liberty holding a large American flag with soldiers on her left and right blowing bugles., Staff notation.
"B-I" step
by Montague Ewing., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Soldier side-stepping a B-1 bomb shell flying between his feet., Staff notation.
Baby boy and me
words by Charles F. Whaley ; music by Ned Abbott., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., The Blue Star Service Flag. The star contains a mother holding a son with a photograph of her soldier husband on the wall behind her., We've said goodbye to Daddy., So I know that he'll return again to baby boy and me., Staff notation., "A song you'll love to sing"--Cover.
Back from over there
words by Jack Treis ; music by John P. Selas., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Red stars on a white stripe, between a red and a blue strip., See the smoke! see the smoke! way out there, We've come back, we've come back, from the place that we call over there, Staff notation., Publication information inferred from copyright statement.
Back to the U.S.A.
words by Florian Olbrich ; music by Robert VanSickle., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., I've traveled 'cross the country., Back to the good old U.S.A. for me., Staff notation.
The badge of honor
by M. L. Breon., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Arranged by Harry J. Lincoln., Uncle Sam holding a banner in the shape of the State of Oklahoma with a five-pointed star. Each point of the star carries one word: "victory, liberty, equality, justice, honor." A circle in the center of the star is inscribed: "World Peace" / H. R. Smith., Staff notation.
When the [eagle] screams
by Joseph T. Pope N.S.L., piano, voice, Title from cover., On title page "[eagle]" appears as an illustration of an American bald eagle., For voice and piano., "Dedicated to the National Security League"--Cover., "If we wish to avoid the horrors of war we must prepare a proper strong defense."--Cover., Bald eagle resting one foot on a shield of stars and stripes and the other on a globe., When you hear some old Jingo shouting., So just keep cool and steady., Staff notation.