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Lee Schreiner Sheet Music Collection

Lee Schreiner donated a large portion of his sheet music collection--several thousand pieces--to Rare Books and Special Collections in 2014. Music in the collection covers much of the early 20th century, with coverage especially strong during World War I (1914-1918). Because most Americans either had access to pianos or watched performers at music halls, sheet music is an ideal medium for studying popular and visual culture. Pieces in the collection reflect popular opinion about the war, as well as the changing status of women and minorities. The first phase to digitize the Schreiner collection concluded in 2017 to coincide with the centennial of World War I, with future plans to digitize more of the collection later in the year.

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Heave to
book and lyrics by Tom Groves ; music by Werner Janssen., piano, voice, Caricatures of sailors dancing and of choir members singing from a book. Banner image of a ship sailing on a sea with the sun on the horizon., Title from cover., For voice and piano., At head of caption title: The Dartmouth Dramatic Association presents an operetta entitled., Staff notation.
Hullo America
arranged by Herman Finck., piano, Cover title., For piano., "Composed and arranged by Herman Finck"--Page 2., Drawing of an American flag and inset photo of Miss Elsie Janis by Malcolm Arbuthnot., "Hullo, America! at the Palace Theatre, produced by Alfred Butt.", Staff notation.
Home sweet home for you we're fighting
words by Captain Joe Lawson ; music by Gordon V. Thompson., piano, voice, "Captain Joe Lawson's great recruiting song"--Cover., Title from cover., March for voice and piano., "The Canadian Marching Song"--Cover., Photograph of Joe Lawson holding British flag. Photograph of Lieut. John Slatter, band master., In the battle trench we stand far away from our dear land., Home, Sweet Home! for you we're fighting! Cheer up! lads., Staff notation.
Have you forgotten
by Larry Stengle, Fred Carson and Chas. Corrigan., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., Photo of a young woman wearing a sleeveless summer dress and hat sitting by the window of a gazebo or tree house looking up in thought. Signed by a New York photographer / Mandy., The boys have all returned again., Have you forgotten that the boys come home., "Buy a copy and keep the ex-service men employed"--Cover., Staff notation.
America first last and always
by Bernie Grossman, Arthur Sizemore, Larry Shay., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., Inset photo of William Hale Thompson with caption: "Big Bill, 'America First'.", From over the sea they saw you beckon., America first and last and always., At head of caption title: "Dedicated to a great American William Hale Thompson.", Staff notation.
Dixie doodle girl
by W. C. Powell., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Columbia wearing a white dress, with her left arm extended, upon which is perched a bald eagle; she is holding an American flag on a staff with her right hand, and an oversized, partially unfurled American flag is in the background / Bertha Youngs., Staff notation.
Hello, Miss Liberty
words by Thomas J. Gray ; music by Fred Fischer., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Silhouette of the Statue of Liberty looking out towards New York Harbor as a ship approaches. Inset photo of Sue Smith / Gene Buck., When you leave your "Home sweet home.", Goodbye, old Ireland., Staff notation.
Don't take the red and white out of the flag and leave us the blues
words by Joe Young and Sam M. Lewis ; music by Walter Donaldson., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Strip of ribbon in red white and blue with various motifs, floral and geometric / RS., Come on and rally around the flag., Red and white out of the flag., Staff notation.
A sailor of the USA
by the writers of My dream of the U.S.A. Leonard Chick, Chas H. Roth., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Illustration of a battle at sea with the caption "Battle of the Serapis and the Bon Homme Richard" / W.C. Money[?], On the shore at Hampton roads., I want to be a sailor just like John Paul Jones., Staff notation.
American Guard march
by Geo. D. Meares, piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Lady Liberty holding a large American flag with soldiers on her left and right blowing bugles., Staff notation.
"B-I" step
by Montague Ewing., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Soldier side-stepping a B-1 bomb shell flying between his feet., Staff notation.
Musik von Degayter ; nach den franz Worten deutsch übersetzt von Dr. Franz Diederich., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Translated from the French., Two globes with inset photo of Karl Marx., Nun reckt empor des Elends Stirnen, ihr Angeschmiedeten der Not!, Schon jubeln des Siegs Signale!, Staff notation.
words and music by Florence M. Benjamin ; arranged by Jules Brazil., piano, voice, Title from cover., Waltz for voice and piano., French flag with a fleur-de-lis on each side of it., France, France, France, land of the fleur de lis., France, dear old France., Staff notation.
England's daughter and a scrap of paper
words by Rich. L. Werry ; music by G. Harold Brown, A.R.C.O., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Inset photo of men at war front with the chrous of the song printed underneath it. Above the photo is the caption: "A tribute to our defenders on the firing line.", Old England has a daughter fair., Twas a little scrap of paper., "One half of the profits of this song will be donated to patriotic and charitable funds.", Staff notation.
76er Marsch
von A. Ganzer., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Bugle corps composed of five uniformed soldiers blowing long-necked bugles with banners that have the symbol of the single-headed German royal eagle on them., Staff notation.
Here comes the band
by Ben M. Jerome., piano, Title from cover., Arranged for piano., "Band, orchestra, mandolin, guitar, banjo.", "Respectfully dedicated to my friend Frank I. Bernard"--Page [2]., Crowd of people watching a marching band go by composed of ladies, a gentleman, and a police officer. Three amateur musicians stage their own parade off to the side. One holds a homemade drum majors baton and the other two play a flute and a recorder. The drum major of the marching band has turned aside to watch them. Inset photo of Ben M. Jerome., Staff notation.
Allies' chorus
words and music by Jack Bullough., piano, voice, Composer is pianist, Winnipeg Theatre Orchestra., Title from cover., For voice and piano., Also includes C-A-N-A-D-I-A-N-S / by Jack Bullough., List to the nation's call., Boys of the allies we., Inset photo of composer with series of small photos depicting costumes of allied countries. Printed in purple ink / photo C.B.W. Winnipeg., "Sung by Mrs. R.H. Graham under the auspices of the Girls' Auxiliary R.S.A.", Staff notation.
Don't forget the boys
words and music by Sidney Greene., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Uncle Sam stands on the steps of the United States Captiol building holding a flyer with the word "bonus" on it. Behind him is a crowd of war veterans, some disabled from fighting in the war., Just to refreshen your mem'ry., The navy did their bit on the water., "Dedicated to the Veterans of the World War.", Staff notation.
British boys
words and music by A. G. E. Lowman ; arr. by W. M. Miles., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., "Dedicated to patriotic purposes.", Large oval with a photograph of trench warfare, soldiers firing at the enemy, explosions, a wounded soldier leaning on a fellow soldier. Oval is framed by rifles with bayonets, hats, swords and canon shells., They came from the plains and the highlands., Our soldier ladies in khaki., Staff notation.
by Theo Bonheur., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Three soldiers wearing different uniforms standing in a semi-circle shoulder to shoulder holding their rifles with bayonets., Staff notation.
The battle line of liberty
by Louis S. Florence., piano, Title from cover, Arranged for piano., Depicts a ground battle with soldiers and a nurse to the side of the fighting with a patient. Bi-planes fly overhead and Lady Liberty stands with an American flag that flies over the ground fighting., Staff notation.
The best old flag that floats
words and music by Frank J. Kelley ; arranged by A.B. Cole., piano, voice, Title from cover., Marches for voice and piano., "March song"--caption., American eagle with a shining sun behind it perched in the middle of two crossed poles with American flags., There she waves on high unfurl'd to the sky., 'Tis the best old flag that floats., Staff notation.
The birth of a nation
music by Joseph M. Daly ; words by Thos. S. Allen., piano, voice, 'Twas in the year of seventy six at Independence Hall., 'Twas the birth of a nation called the U.S.A., Title from cover., For voice and piano., Lady Liberty, or Columbia, is suspended in the clouds holding up an American flag as a backdrop behind her. She has a headband inscribed "Liberty" / E.H. Pfeiffer, N.Y., Advertising includes no musical incipits.
Battle of the Marne
by J. Luxton., piano, Caption title., For piano., A scene picturing trench warfare with a biplane and an airship in the sky. Soldiers are rushing the trenches. The border of the cover is made up of a helmet and swords with various national flags / Al. Barbelle., Publisher's advertisement on verso of p. 5 has incipits of sixteen piano pieces: By the sea : reverie / Leander Fisher. Rose waltz : standard / W.C. Powell. Little soldier march : school march / W.C. Powell. Twilight shadows : reverie / Jerome Heller. Love's whispering : waltzes / L. Gould. Twinkling stars : three-step / Jerome Heller. Reflections : reverie / Jerome Heller. Beautiful tho'ts of love / Jerome Heller. Greyhound march / John Parker. Con amore : valse hesitation / W.C. Powell. Vision waltz : reverie-waltz / J. Holfman. Rippling waters : caprice / Wm. T. Pierson. Battle in the sky : march / J. Luxton. Valse Estelle / E. Goldston. Evening prayer : reverie / L. Gould. Twittering birds : reverie / John J. Fitzpatrick., Soldiers' prayer before the siege -- The sound of distant guns -- The call to arms -- Cavalry call -- Gunners rush to their posts -- Army corps approaching in the distance -- Gradually getting in line -- Infantry marching in perfect order -- Field guns -- Rain of shrapnel -- Machine guns -- Groans of the dying -- Battle rages with terrible fierceness., Includes a verse from the poem: A ballad of Sarsfield / by Aubrey Thomas De Vere., Staff notation.
Betsy Ross
words by Bartley Costello ; music by J. Fred. Helf., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano; arrangement for male quartette arranged by Theo. Westman p. 5., Young woman in a white dress holding onto a flag pole flying an American flag / De Takacs., Betsy Ross the flag is flying high., Betsy Ross don't be cross., Advertising includes musical incipits for "My love is greater than the world" by J. Fred Helf., Staff notation.