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Lee Schreiner Sheet Music Collection

Lee Schreiner donated a large portion of his sheet music collection--several thousand pieces--to Rare Books and Special Collections in 2014. Music in the collection covers much of the early 20th century, with coverage especially strong during World War I (1914-1918). Because most Americans either had access to pianos or watched performers at music halls, sheet music is an ideal medium for studying popular and visual culture. Pieces in the collection reflect popular opinion about the war, as well as the changing status of women and minorities. The first phase to digitize the Schreiner collection concluded in 2017 to coincide with the centennial of World War I, with future plans to digitize more of the collection later in the year.

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Hail to the gorget
by Lloyd Elliott Appleton., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Within an art deco blue and white frame, a black and white photograph of Capt. Francis Hawks Appleton, who is wearing a gorget., "Respectfully dedicated to Capt. Francis Hawks Appleton, Commander of Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. of Massachusetts"--Cover., NIU copy: Inscribed by the composer., Staff notation.
Hearts across the sea
by C. L. Woolsey., piano, Title from cover., For piano., "Respectfully dedicated to the 40th Division U.S. Army, Camp Kearny, Cal."--Cover., Two cherubs sit on opposite banks of the mouth of a river flowing into the ocean. They have their heads in their hands. The sun is setting casting a glow over the water., Staff notation.
The dove of peace
by Otto Motzan., piano, Title from cover., Waltz for piano., Woman wearing a white toga style dress releases a dove. She stands on a marble staircase overlooking a lawn with a fountain with a forest beyond. The sun is rising over the entire scene., Staff notation.
The bell of freedom
by Karl Lenox., piano, Title from cover., For piano., View through the bell tower of the Liberty Bell with the Philadelphia skyline bordered by side bars with stars., Staff notation., "Liberty Bell 1776, Introducing church chimes"--Cover.
"B-I" step
by Montague Ewing., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Soldier side-stepping a B-1 bomb shell flying between his feet., Staff notation.
Svoboda Rossīi
by W. N. Kostakowsky., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Staff notation.
The firing line
by Walter J. Pond., piano, Excerpt from the revue for piano solo., The "Ziegfeld danse de follies" was an alternate name for Ziegfeld's midnight frolic., Title from cover., For piano., "Dedicated to Max Schmidt"--Page 2., Battle scene with an army of men by a firing line fire their rifles, while silhouettes of an army is seen in the background / Rosenbaum Studios (R.S.), "Used in Ziegfeld's danse de follies" -- on cover., Staff notation.
Fighting Tommies
by John Boulton., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., British soldier sits alone, in a wooded area, smoking. Printed in shades of red / Herman Hirschauer., Staff notation.
by J. Fučik., piano, Arranged by Tellier., Title from cover., March for piano., Drawing of General Count Luigi Cadorna, Commander-in-Chief of the Italian armies in the field., Staff notation.
Flying colors
by Will Wood., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Silhouette of a parade of victorious soldiers waving their hats or flags as they march along under a string of banners that hang blowing in the wind. Their commanding officer rides on a horse., Staff notation.
by Theo Bonheur., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Three soldiers wearing different uniforms standing in a semi-circle shoulder to shoulder holding their rifles with bayonets., Staff notation.
Battle of the Marne
by J. Luxton., piano, Caption title., For piano., A scene picturing trench warfare with a biplane and an airship in the sky. Soldiers are rushing the trenches. The border of the cover is made up of a helmet and swords with various national flags / Al. Barbelle., Publisher's advertisement on verso of p. 5 has incipits of sixteen piano pieces: By the sea : reverie / Leander Fisher. Rose waltz : standard / W.C. Powell. Little soldier march : school march / W.C. Powell. Twilight shadows : reverie / Jerome Heller. Love's whispering : waltzes / L. Gould. Twinkling stars : three-step / Jerome Heller. Reflections : reverie / Jerome Heller. Beautiful tho'ts of love / Jerome Heller. Greyhound march / John Parker. Con amore : valse hesitation / W.C. Powell. Vision waltz : reverie-waltz / J. Holfman. Rippling waters : caprice / Wm. T. Pierson. Battle in the sky : march / J. Luxton. Valse Estelle / E. Goldston. Evening prayer : reverie / L. Gould. Twittering birds : reverie / John J. Fitzpatrick., Soldiers' prayer before the siege -- The sound of distant guns -- The call to arms -- Cavalry call -- Gunners rush to their posts -- Army corps approaching in the distance -- Gradually getting in line -- Infantry marching in perfect order -- Field guns -- Rain of shrapnel -- Machine guns -- Groans of the dying -- Battle rages with terrible fierceness., Includes a verse from the poem: A ballad of Sarsfield / by Aubrey Thomas De Vere., Staff notation.
Angel of Mons valse
by Paul Paree., piano, Title from cover., Waltz for piano., Warrior angel on a white horse holding up a sword rides over a battlefield., Staff notation.
Festouverture ueber Deutschland Deutschland ueber alles
von E. Meinardus., piano, Title from cover., For piano., German soldiers looking up at a woman on a pedestal wearing a cloak, holding a laurel wreath in one hand and holding up a sword in another. Behind her head of long flowing hair is a shield with the coat of arms of Germany. At her feet is a shield with a double-eagle. Red swastikas line the left and right sides of the cover. Cover printed in red, black and white., "Walton Process Chicago."--Page 7., Staff notation.
Spirit of France waltz
by Claude Elam., piano, voice, Title from cover., Waltz for piano., Adapted from the World War I poster "All for One and One for All! Vive la France!" by James Montgomery Flagg., "Cover design by courtesy of the National Committee of Patriotic Societies.", NIU copy., Staff notation.
Bugle call rag
by J. Hubert Blake and Carey Morgan., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Soldier blowing a bugle with a military encampment in the background. Inset photos of Jean and Jeanette Warner. Photo of Warner has caption: "originator of the fox-trot." / Starmer., NIU copy., Staff notation.
Canteen canter
a new dance by Oscar Duryea ; composed by Case White., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Description of dance given on p. [2]., Woman dancing a waltz with a U.S. soldier. Through a window behind them four couples are seen dancing a waltz., NIU copy., Staff notation.