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Lee Schreiner Sheet Music Collection

Lee Schreiner donated a large portion of his sheet music collection--several thousand pieces--to Rare Books and Special Collections in 2014. Music in the collection covers much of the early 20th century, with coverage especially strong during World War I (1914-1918). Because most Americans either had access to pianos or watched performers at music halls, sheet music is an ideal medium for studying popular and visual culture. Pieces in the collection reflect popular opinion about the war, as well as the changing status of women and minorities. The first phase to digitize the Schreiner collection concluded in 2017 to coincide with the centennial of World War I, with future plans to digitize more of the collection later in the year.

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Battery A
Bert Lowe., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Battery of soldiers with a canon fighting on the front with biplanes flying overhead / V.C. Plunkett., Staff notation.
Hail to the gorget
by Lloyd Elliott Appleton., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Within an art deco blue and white frame, a black and white photograph of Capt. Francis Hawks Appleton, who is wearing a gorget., "Respectfully dedicated to Capt. Francis Hawks Appleton, Commander of Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. of Massachusetts"--Cover., NIU copy: Inscribed by the composer., Staff notation.
Dixie doodle girl
by W. C. Powell., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Columbia wearing a white dress, with her left arm extended, upon which is perched a bald eagle; she is holding an American flag on a staff with her right hand, and an oversized, partially unfurled American flag is in the background / Bertha Youngs., Staff notation.
Alter Jägermarsch von 1813
bearbeitet von Josef Wattke., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Military commanders on horseback lead soldiers through the countryside. A soldier with a rifle and bayonet looks on., Staff notation.
Always ahead
by Carl Millegram., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Boy dressed in knickers holding a large American flag that blows in the wind behind him., Staff notation.
Battle of the nations
by E. T. Paull., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Chaotic battle scene including a biplane, dirigible, horses, and cannons., "Companion piece to the celebrated Napoleon's Last charge descriptive march."--Cover., Cover lithography by A. Hoen & Co., Richmond, Va., Publisher's advertisement on p.[4]: compositions and march arrangements by E. T. Paull. Page printed in red., Not in Vogel., Staff notation.
American Legion's march
by Lincoln G. Scheetz & J. H. Meredith., piano, Title from cover., Caption title gives composer as "I. H. Meredith.", March for piano., Photograph with caption: "General Pershing reviewing Americans at Metz Apr. 29, 1919.", Staff notation.
American Guard march
by Geo. D. Meares, piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Lady Liberty holding a large American flag with soldiers on her left and right blowing bugles., Staff notation.
The badge of honor
by M. L. Breon., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Arranged by Harry J. Lincoln., Uncle Sam holding a banner in the shape of the State of Oklahoma with a five-pointed star. Each point of the star carries one word: "victory, liberty, equality, justice, honor." A circle in the center of the star is inscribed: "World Peace" / H. R. Smith., Staff notation.
Svoboda Rossīi
by W. N. Kostakowsky., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Staff notation.
The firing line
by Walter J. Pond., piano, Excerpt from the revue for piano solo., The "Ziegfeld danse de follies" was an alternate name for Ziegfeld's midnight frolic., Title from cover., For piano., "Dedicated to Max Schmidt"--Page 2., Battle scene with an army of men by a firing line fire their rifles, while silhouettes of an army is seen in the background / Rosenbaum Studios (R.S.), "Used in Ziegfeld's danse de follies" -- on cover., Staff notation.
Fighting Tommies
by John Boulton., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., British soldier sits alone, in a wooded area, smoking. Printed in shades of red / Herman Hirschauer., Staff notation.
by J. Fučik., piano, Arranged by Tellier., Title from cover., March for piano., Drawing of General Count Luigi Cadorna, Commander-in-Chief of the Italian armies in the field., Staff notation.
Flying colors
by Will Wood., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Silhouette of a parade of victorious soldiers waving their hats or flags as they march along under a string of banners that hang blowing in the wind. Their commanding officer rides on a horse., Staff notation.
76er Marsch
von A. Ganzer., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Bugle corps composed of five uniformed soldiers blowing long-necked bugles with banners that have the symbol of the single-headed German royal eagle on them., Staff notation.
Here comes the band
by Ben M. Jerome., piano, Title from cover., Arranged for piano., "Band, orchestra, mandolin, guitar, banjo.", "Respectfully dedicated to my friend Frank I. Bernard"--Page [2]., Crowd of people watching a marching band go by composed of ladies, a gentleman, and a police officer. Three amateur musicians stage their own parade off to the side. One holds a homemade drum majors baton and the other two play a flute and a recorder. The drum major of the marching band has turned aside to watch them. Inset photo of Ben M. Jerome., Staff notation.
Black Jack
by Fred K. Huffer., piano, Title from cover., For piano., "Respectfully dedicated to Gen. John J. Pershing, U.S.A.", Portrait photo of Gen. Pershing with an illustration of figures from a marching band, a drum major and four instrumentalists., Staff notation.
The battle line of liberty
by Louis S. Florence., piano, Title from cover, Arranged for piano., Depicts a ground battle with soldiers and a nurse to the side of the fighting with a patient. Bi-planes fly overhead and Lady Liberty stands with an American flag that flies over the ground fighting., Staff notation.
Call to the colors
by Theo. Hoffmann., piano, "Respectfully Dedicated to The National Guard."--Caption., Title from cover., For piano., Soldier blowing a bugle., Staff notation.
Defenders of the flag
composed by Sydney P. Harris., piano, Title from cover., For piano., An older soldier holding a rifle against his shoulder and a young sailor. An American flag between them with an eagle on the flag pole / Starmer., Staff notation.
Boy Scouts march
by Ella V. Herman., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Boy Scout troop marching through a forest. Some carrying American flags and some playing snare drums. The others carry spears., Staff notation.
A. Selvelli., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Laural wreath with a swastika attached to the bottom of it., Plate number: Edition Schott No. 06178., Staff notation.
Boys and girls march
by Eugene Mack., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., "Dedicated to the children of America.", "Walton Process Chicago"--Page 3., Children marching with Uncle Sam., Staff notation.
American Red Cross march
by Louis Panella., piano, Title from cover., For piano., "Respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Wm. T. Todd.", Red Cross nurse attends to a fallen soldier on a stretcher held by two medics near the battlefield. Behind them is a Red Cross ambulance., Staff notation.
Hail! to the stars and stripes
by Joseph M. Daly., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Shield of stars and stripes with a soldier on one side and a sailor on the other. Printed in red, white and blue / E.S. Fisher., Staff notation.