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Lee Schreiner Sheet Music Collection

Lee Schreiner donated a large portion of his sheet music collection--several thousand pieces--to Rare Books and Special Collections in 2014. Music in the collection covers much of the early 20th century, with coverage especially strong during World War I (1914-1918). Because most Americans either had access to pianos or watched performers at music halls, sheet music is an ideal medium for studying popular and visual culture. Pieces in the collection reflect popular opinion about the war, as well as the changing status of women and minorities. The first phase to digitize the Schreiner collection concluded in 2017 to coincide with the centennial of World War I, with future plans to digitize more of the collection later in the year.

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Dixie doodle girl
by W. C. Powell., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., Columbia wearing a white dress, with her left arm extended, upon which is perched a bald eagle; she is holding an American flag on a staff with her right hand, and an oversized, partially unfurled American flag is in the background / Bertha Youngs., Staff notation.
Ev'ry-thing is going up
lyric by Stanley Murphy ; music by Albert Gumble., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Explosion of red and blue fireworks., When I was just a little kidlet once upon atime., Ev'rything is going up, going up., Staff notation.
America prepare
lyric by Elizabeth Herbert Childs ; music by Ribé Danmark., piano, voice, Title from cover., For voice and piano., Camped along the shore a soldier blows his bugle. Off shore are two ships and one airplane flying over head. The number "5" appears in the lower center cover. The initials LPN in lower right cover., You've seen our soldiers drill on their parade grounds., Let ev'-ry man know how to fight in battle., Publisher's advertisement on back cover: "Welcome honey to your old plantation home" with facsimile of sheet cover and excerpt of music., Staff notation.
At a port
by L. W. Lewis., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., "To my son"--page 2., Inset photograph of a boy holding an ax dressed in a military style shirt and short pants. An illustration of a ship on the water is behind him and further in the distance is a fort with a setting sun on the horizon., Staff notation.
The call
Egbert Van Alstyne., piano, Title from cover., March for piano., "Dedicated to F.W. Kellogg, publisher of 'The Call' San Francisco.", Cover printed in red, white and blue with the Statue of Liberty and an inset photo of F.W. Kellogg / Crafton Studios., NIU copy., Staff notation.
Canteen canter
a new dance by Oscar Duryea ; composed by Case White., piano, Title from cover., For piano., Description of dance given on p. [2]., Woman dancing a waltz with a U.S. soldier. Through a window behind them four couples are seen dancing a waltz., NIU copy., Staff notation.
Be a good scout
lyric by Stanley Murphy ; music by Harry Carroll., piano, voice, Title from cover., March for voice and piano., Photo of a troop of scouts marching against a yellow and white background / Starmer., First line of lyric: Little bright eyed laddie said to his dear old daddy, Be a good scout, throw your chest out, NIU copy., Staff notation.