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Terrible Steamboat Explosion.

The following account of the explosion of the Forest Rose, near Napoleon (Ark.) is from the Napoleon Planter, and is a more full account than any hitherto published:

One of the most appalling scenes that was ever witnessed by the citizens of Napoleon occurred on the 30th ult, at about one o'clock, P.M. The steamer Forest Rose bound from New Orleans to Fort Smith, burst her larboard boiler just above the point of Ozark Island, making her a complete wreck from the forecastle to her midship. The Captain at the time of the accident, had just seated himself on the hurricane deck, when the explosion occurred, landing him on the forecastle, considerably jarred, though not seriously injured. His first thought was of those whom he had just left seated in the social hall (previous to his ascending to the hurricane deck) some five or six in number, including his son. No traces of them could be found in the confused mass of lumber, machinery and merchandize piled on the hull. At this juncture the noble hearted Capt. Danley arrived with the steamer Arkansas, which boat had started for the wreck immediately after the explosion was known. Capt. Danley gathered up all he could find and then towed the hull of the Forest Rose into shallow water, where she soon after sunk.

When the Arkansas returned to her landing, with her freight of mangled and dying humanity, the heart-rending spectacle presented to our view is utterly indescribable. The sufferers were taken to the Marine Hospital, where they received all the attention that the humane officers of the institution could render.