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[Doc. No. 63.]

Indians -- Chiefs and Warriors of the Fox Tribe. Memorial of the Chiefs, of the Fox Tribe of Indians.

JANUARY7, 1835
Referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs.

To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled:

The undersigned, chiefs, braves, warriors, and hunters, of the Fox tribe of Indians, beg leave respectfully to represent to your honorable body, that, under the existing regulations respecting the payment of our annuities, we have again been deprived of our just rights as members of the Sac and Fox nation. And inasmuch as our tribe have always been on terms of peace and friendship with the Government and people of the United States, we make this appeal to your honorable body, in full confidence that our humble petition will be granted.

By the last treaty made by the Sacs and Foxes with the Government of the United States, an annuity of twenty thousand dollars, for a term of years, is made and ceded to the Sacs and Foxes, in conjunction, for the consideration therein specified; at which time it was distinctly understood by the undersigned that the same was to be equally divided among the whole nation.

The undersigned further beg leave to represent, that the Fox tribe, of which they are chiefs, braves, hunters, and warriors, comprise two-thirds of the said nation of Sacs and Foxes; and that they have received but one-half of the said annuities since the, treaty of eighteen hundred and thirty-two, which secures to all an equal portion thereof.

And we further represent to your honorable body, that our chiefs were sent for to Saint Louis, a great distance from the usual place of paying the annuities, about a month earlier than the usual time, and were there required by our great father's agent to sign a receipt for the same, which was all paid in bank notes (a thing unheard of before in the payment of our annuities) to Ke-o-kuck, one of the Sac chiefs, and by him paid over to the American Fur Company, without our being allowed an equal portion according to the ratio of our respective tribes.

Believing that it is the wish of Congress that our people should be paid equally and justly, we therefore pray that your honorable body will have the manner of paying the annuities so changed hereafter, that each of our


people may receive his just proportion from the agent, either by making payments to the heads of lodges or families, or to individuals, at our different villages, or in any other manner that your honorable body may think best calculated to secure to each of our people his just rights; and we, as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Dated at our village, on Cedar river, this 26th day of August, 1834.

Pow-a-shick, (chief) His x-mark Pe-che-mow His x-mark
Sa-ca-to-na-pe-so X Wa-pash-a-ma-quaw X
Na-mee X Ka-ka-ke-mo X
Ke-no-muck X Wa-sha-ya X
Wa-pe-ka-kee X Che-pak-que-nok X
She-wak X Ka-kash-kee X
Pa-pa-kee X Pe-nos X
Wa-ko-sha-kee, (chief) X Hosh-ker-she X
Pe-sha-ke-we-qua X Ke-me-ka-pee X
Ma-toose X Ma-she-na X
Na-ka-to-ke-sa X Cha-ka-ta-ka-see X
Ka-ko-eck X Ma-na-so X
Ta-puck-ia X Kish-ke-win-ne-so X
We-she-kash-kash-kuck, (chief) X Pa-que-ne X
Che-que-ka X Wa-pe-ka-kah X
Ma-wa-muck X Mich-se-mack X
Mo-why-a-ka-wa X Mo-wha-nee X
Che-qua X Pick-pe-haut X
Che-qual-a-mo X Ma-quo-ta X
Wa-pa-sin-a-we X A-tack X
Me-sa-qua-ka X Ne-con-i-ca-tin X
Much-a-nin-nee X Ma-che-te-a X
Pas-ke-non-na X Pa-sa-kee X
O-cha-pick X Mo-wha-a-why X
Pa-pe-sha-shick X A-na-wa-kee X
Sa-ma X Mis-sis-se-po, sen. X
Wa-pe-no-ka X Mis-sis-se-po, jun. X
Much-o-ke-ma X Ne-sho-na-me-kar X
As-qua-ma X Man-nan-no-ass X
Pe-en-wa X Muck-a-pos-se-to X
Ka-ka-que X Mam-sin-a-we X
Ta-wa-na-nee X Ke-o-kuck, jun. X
Kish-ke-te-a-ma X Me-oh-a-rnah X
Pa-ka-nup-pe X Puck-a-ka X
Me-sha-chin-nin-nee X Na-ma X
We-sa-cat-ta X A-mo-wa X
Pa-ma-tuck-kee X Wa-pa-sho-que-ka X
Pe-ta-wee X Pa-tuck-quen X
Much-a-ma-kit-tin X Ka-too X
We-wick-a-qua-han X Sup-e-ka X
Ma-ta-que X Wa-pe-qua-nom X
Ka-ka-kee X A-she-one X
Ne-kick-e-wat X Ma-sque-po-maut X
Cha-ka-ta-ka-see X Wis-se-pa-mo X


A-ma-kow-shick His x mark Lum-o-quass His x mark
Wa-we-a-kish-e-mo X Na-no-nee x X
Mis-co-meene X Sha-no-wa X
Mis-que X Kish-ke-kup-e-so X
I-em-wass X Ma-ka-sa-pe X
She-we-cum-ek X Na-mo-kenx X
Sa-kush-kee X Pa-pe-shick X
O-we-tuck X La-keese X
A-nee-she X Ka-tup-pe-que-o X
Ma-que-so-tuck X Qua-na-quee X
Mi-o-wha X Mus-ko-qua X
Ra-tin-ne-wa-ta-see X A-sa X
Pa-ma-puck-qua X Pel-liah X
Lee-pe-que X Quish-ke-na-mo X
Ma-ka-pa X Win-ne-pa-kuo X
Wha-ka-tup X Ca-ka-pee X
Ka-kip-pe-ho X Ta-quy-we X
Kish-kon-e-ka-haut X Pa-na X
Pa-ma-haut X Pos-se-to X
Wis-ca-sa X A-la-pi-en X
Ka-ta-wha X Wa-sa-piatt X
Mus-ke-mo-ta X Ka-la X
O-we-ta-paut X Cha-o-wat X
Po-cho-ke-ma X Ka-kin-no-saith X
Pis-se-kum-me-ko X Ka-ka-ma X
A-mus-se-wa X Ko-ka-to X
Mo-la-maw X Wa-pe-mo-wa X
Te-ta-so X Mo-who-ass X
Pa-ka-tuck-quo X Ka-ka-te-uck X
Na-ka-sone X Ma-squa-pose X
Much-e-na-kon-e-kut X We-pe-pik-qua X
Pa-nah-see X Ka-mo-to X
Pe-ka-pick X Na-ta-waw-che-ka X
Pa-ta X Ke-sha-sun X
Wa-pel-y-tuck X Wa-kuk-qua X
She-qua-ka X Ma-wa-kauk X
A-put-te-hone X A-che-tow-sa X
Ma-squa-ta X Na-ne-muck-qua X
Ta-cum-e-seah X Nas-que X
Sa-sa-pe-tuck X Pa-mus-see X
Wa-che-neke X Ma-ta-que-suk X
Wa-sa-Ien X La-ke-wak X
A-que-wha X A-sen-e-kee X
Pa-tol-e-qua X Wee-suck-e-mal-e-tee X
Que-a-la X Pa-pe-att X
La-kol-e-qut X Ka-tut-tia X
Wa-sha-quat X Ke-na-to-nuck X
Pa-que-ta-pia X Wa-sa-you X
A-lo-quo-tien X Wa-sa-co-la X
Muck-wa X Ma-quak X
Pe-ka-rnuck X Tus-se-hau X


A-pe-mal-e-to his x mark A-na-ne-wit his x mark
Shap-we-tuck X Che-ka-ko-saut X
Wap-y-tuck X Muck-qua X
Ke-y-a-cum-e-squk X A-se-ka-tuck X
Wa-ka-pe-suck X Ma-quy-ass X
Muck-e-pin X Waw-pe-scaw X
A-she-ka X Ka-sha-qua X
Pa-loose X Naw-naw-que X
Wa-pa-que-tuck X Ko-ko-wick X
To-le-whah X Muk-ka-tah-ah-nim X
We-ta-we-a X She-ma-ko X
Push-e-to-ha X Much-e-we-oss X
Kish-ko-tup-pe X Wa-pe-ta-ta-tah X
Lo-wo-mak X Mus-ko-ka X
Pqim-ka-kau-e-met X Me-ta-wee X
Wish-a-pett X Man-a-to-mack X
A-no-ka X Naw-a-hawk, sen. X
We-te-ma X Naw-a-hawk, jun. X

In presence of
JOSEPH COTA, (interpreter.)