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Letter from Ira Hartson to the Canal Trustees Concerning Past Due Land Payments

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La_Salle May 16th 1851

To board of trustees of the Illinois & Michagan Canal -- Messrs about two years since my Son in company with James Blakem-ore bid of at the sale of Canal lands in La_Salle the E. 1/2 of the S.E. 1/4 of S.1.T 33. R.1. and in consequence of sickness they have failed in making the payments agreeable to the time mentioned in the contract, their is two payments now due, we would consider it a favour if the trustees would receive the money on what is now due from my Son in order that he might eventually hold the land, so that he might make him a comfortable home -- he has no land if that is taken from him -- Mr. Blakemore the young man who purchased with him is in California, I do not know when he will return -- I would further say since sickness has been the cause of a nonfulfilment of the contract on his part - I trust the Honerable board of Trustees will consider his case favourably -- I moved to this place in June 1836 the country was new - all the lands we purchase is for our own use not to sell again.

Yours Respectfully

Ira Hartson