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205. Elizabeth Crawford to William H. Herndon.

July the 22 1866

dear Sir

your god letter of may the 8 came duly to hand and I intended to ancer it amediately and when I Set down to rite I had no ink and before had time to get any I was cauld away to See the Sick and was gone Some weeks Since that time my eyes has bin So weak that I have not attempted to rite tell now and I dont know whether I can rite So that you can read it or not but I will try I am So blind that I cant See the lines on the paper half my time and cant read what I am now riting you wish me to tell you some of the wild fruits of Spencer in 1826 there was the wild farel grape winter grape fox grape wild plums wild cherry black haw red haw crab apple black berry rase berry goose berry plumbs dew berry straw berry you also wished me to give you A gineral discription of the lincoln Section of country I dont know that I can give you A compleet one though I will tell you as much as I can recolect the country at that time was verry thinly Settled but very few houses and the most of them small cabins round logs roofs put on with wait poles It has bin so long since that I have forgoten whether the Linkern house


was round logs or not I think it was I think the house Stood east and west the chimney in the east the door in the South with a log cut out in the north Side for A window the garden in front of the door the ground was A littlee descending from the door the lincoln house was about two miles north of the crawford farm whare I Still live I dont know that I can tell any thing than I have told you befor in former letters if it is not too late and I think of any thing that I have not ritten I will rite you wished me to tell you whether charles grigsby and grigsby maried Sisters tha did not charles grigsby maried m matilda hockins and ruben maried miss betsy ray

please excuse me for not riting Sooner

Elizabeth Crawford

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2582; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:196 — 97



1. Cabins built of round logs were considered less finished and more primitive than those built of hewn logs.