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We Are Come, All Come.


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By G. W. C.

We are come, all come, with the crowded throng,
To join our notes in a plaintive song;
For the bond man sighs, and the scalding tear
Runs down his cheek while we mingle here.

We are come, all come, with a hallowed vow,
At the shrine of slavery never to bow,
For the despots reign o'er hill and plain,
Spreads grief and woe in his horrid train.

We are come, all come, a determined band,
To rescue the slave from the tyrants hand;
And our prayers shall ascend with our songs to Him
Who sits in the midst of the cherubim.

We are come, all come, in the strength of youth,
In the light of hope and the power of truth;
And we joy to see in our ranks today,
The honored locks of the good and grey.

We are come, all come, in our holy might,
And freedom's foes shall be put to flight;
Oh God! with favoring smiles from thee,
Our songs shall soon chant the victory.