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The Gospel Victorious. 8,7,4.


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1. ON the mountain's top appearing,
Lo, the sacred herald stands!
Joyful news to Zion bearing,
Zion long in hostile lands.
Mourning captive,
God himself will loose thy bands.

2. Has thy night been long and mournful?
Have thy friends unfaithful proved?
Have thy foes been proud and scornful,
By thy sighs and tears unmoved?
Cease thy mourning;
Zion still is well beloved.

3. God, thy God, will soon restore thee;
He himself appears thy friend:
All thy foes shall flee before thee,
Here their boasts and triumphs end:
Great deliverance
Zion's King will surely send.

4. Peace and joy shall now attend thee,
All thy warfare now be past;
God thy Saviour will defend thee,
Victory is thine at last:
All thy conflicts
End in everlasting rest.