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The Irish Wide-Awake


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Air: Billy O. Rourke.

Lyrics by Harry M. Palmer.

As I walked out one evening,
I think 'twas in October;
I came across a jolly blade,
A rale ould fashioned toper;
He axed me would I go wid him,
And tould me: none should harm me,
Will give you soup and chowder too,
In Lincoln's torch - light army.

Chorus: Fal di ral &c.

-- Army? says I, be bogs! I'll not,
Although I'm fond of chowder;
I'd rather hungry go by far
Than muss wid guns and powdher.
-- You are mistaken, friend, says he,
We join'd on this condition:
Our muskets are ould - Abe's split rails,
And oil's our ammunition.

Fal di ral &c.

To cooper Institute we went;
It fairly made my head sick
To hear the spaker spout and blow
About nagers, rails, and conflicts.
He tould how Abe had often trailed
The wild Cats, Bears, and Panthers;
But forgot to mention ould John Brown,
As well as bleedin Kansas.

Fal di ral &c.

Upon my head they put a cap,
And a cape upon my shoulders,
And stuck a big torch in my fist:
No wide - awake was boulder.
Now what they gave me thim clothes for?
I niver could diskiver;
But I think the torch was meant to light
Abe Lincoln up Salt - River

Fal di ral &c.