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Minny Glover.


There never was a sweeter girl
Than gentle Minny Glover,
For all who knew her merry face
Were sure to dearly love her.
Her eyes were like the evening star,
When the sky is clear and blue;
Her dusky skin was soft and pure,
With the red a shining through.


Chorus. O! Minny was a pretty flower,
That bloomed but for a day;
Like all that's bright and pure of earth,
She quickly passed away.

Oh! Minny had a smile for all —
A word of kindness, too;
And oft, beside the bed of pain,
She has watched the long night through.
Many a darkey tried to win
The heart of Minny Glover;
She'd tell them, with a modest smile,
"I've given it to another."

Chorus. Oh! Minny was a pretty, &c.

Down in the wood, beneath an oak,
Poor Minny oft would go;
"'Twas here," she'd say, "I met my love —
'Twas here we parted, Joe!"
Her master went to buy poor Joe —
His efforts were in vain;
Poor Minny heard her love was dead —
She never smiled again!

Chorus. Oh! Minny was a pretty, &c.

One lovely morn, poor Minny lay
Upon her humble cot;
The sun shone bright, the birds sang sweet,
But Minny heeded not.
"Goodbye, dear master!" Minny sighed,
As her eyes were fixed above;
"Goodbye, dear friends! don't weep for me —
I'm going to meet my love!"

Chorus. Oh! Minny was a pretty, &c.