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489. J. W. Porter to Jesse W. Weik.

Urbana, Jany. 14th 1887

Dear Sir:

In reply to your letter of 2nd inst. addressed to the County Clerk of this Co., who referred it to me I herewith send you a Copy from the Judges docket of 1858 of this Court showing an entry made therein by the great Martyr to American Liberty Mr Lincoln. At the time he made this entry as I have been informed he was one of the leading lawyers practicing in the Courts of this part of Illinois. And Hon. David Davis was then sitting as Judge in the Circuit of which this Co was a part. — It was the habit of Judge Davis to frequently leave the bench when attacked with headache or indisposition and Call one of the principal attorneys to sit in his place for an hour or two, And he Called upon Mr Lincoln more than any one else to take his place, they being very warm and Close friends, It was on such an occasion that the case here designated came up and was heard by him and he made the rulings as designated on the docket.

Very respectfully yours
J.W. Porter

Extract from Page 24 of Judge's docket, April term 1858

Circuit Court of Champaign County Illinois

Names of Parties

L. D. Chaddon vs J. D. Beasley, Albert Gere L. Lancaster, John H. Thomas, S. Dean, Jas. H. Smith, Charles T. Dox, James N Boutwell, B. Z. Green M.L. Dunlap, Lewellen Powell, Peterson McNutt, J. J. Sutton, N. M. Clark, Wm Stokes James Curtiss, C.M. Sherfy, Jonathan Bacon, John H. Angle C.W. Angle, and Robert Smith.

Kind of Action.

Judge's Remarks
Plea in abatement by B. Z. Green a defendant not Served filed Saturday at 11


o'clock A.M. April 24th 1856. Stricken from the files by order of the Court. Dem. to the declaration if there ever was one overruled,

Defendants who are served, now at 8 o'clock P.M. of the last day of the term ask to plead to the merits which is denied by the Court on the ground that the offer comes too late, and therefore as by Nil Dicet judgement is rendered for the Plff. against the defendants who are served with process. Clerk assess damages.

(The above entry Commencing with word plea, was cut out (it being in hand writing of Hon. A. Lincoln) and sent to North Western Sanitary Fair at Chicago May 23d 1865.

O. O. Alexander Clerk.)

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 4597 — 98