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The Pledge Signed.

AIR — Go, forget me; why should sorrow.

Brothers, I the pledge have taken,
Poor and wretched though I be;
If by formed friends forsaken,
Yet I feel that I am free.
Broken are the cords which bound me;
Severed is each iron chain;
Brothers now are gath'ring round me;
All is bright and fair again.

My heart with rapture now is beating,
Filled with new and strange delight;
Dark despair is now retreating
Into everlasting night.
The star of hope is shining o'er me;
Clouds no longer round me play;
Sweet the prospect now before me;
All my cares have passed away.

Friends, we warmed by my example;
Shun the tempter's fatal snare;
Else upon you heart he'll trample,
Leaving you in sad despair.
Fly, O fly, from sin and sorrow;
Dash the poisoned bowl away;
Put not off until tomorrow
That which you should do today.