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Freedom's Battle-Cry


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1. Hark! 'tis Freedom's battle-cry,
Pealing over hill and glen,
Thrilling upward to the sky,
Hear it! Ye who would be men.
Ye who love the true and right,
Honest rule, and equal laws,
Gather, gather in your might;
Strike again for Freedom's cause.

2. Like the voice of meeting floods
Rushing downward to the sea,
Like the roar of wind-toss'd woods
Sounds the toc-sin of the Free!
Rock, and tree, and mountain crest,
Echo to its glad refrain,
From the prairies of the west
To the farthest coasts of Maine.


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3. Up--ye haters of the wrong!
Freedom calls you to the fray,
Up--and to the standard throng,
There is work for you to-day!
Hand to hand with tyrant Power
Ye must battle as ye can--
Courage! 't is the promised hour!
And it brings "The Coming Man!"

4. Sound his name from State to State,
Louder than the ocean's roar--
From Pacific's "Golden Gate"
To the far Atlantic's shore.
LINCOLN! hark, from all our coasts
Millions join the glad acclaim!
LINCOLN! leader of our hosts--
Victory is in his name!