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Tippecanoe Has No Chariot to Ride In.


Tune — "Allan-a-dale."

TIPPECANOE has no chariot to ride in,
No palace of marble has he to reside in,
No bags of gold eagles, no lots of fine clothes —
But he has a wealth far better than those;
The love of a nation, free, happy, and true,
Are the riches and portion of Tippecanoe.

Proud Martin rides forth in his splendour and pride,
And broad are his lands upon Kinderhook side,
The roof of a palace is over his head,
And his table with plate and with dainties is spread;
But a Log Cabin shelters a patriot true —
'Tis the home of our Hero, bold Tippecanoe!

Our Hero has never grown rich on the State;
No sneaking sub-treasurers bow at his gate;
No fat office-holders he keeps in his thrall;
But millions of freemen will rise at his call —
Then shout every lover of liberty true;
Huzza for the Hero of Tippecanoe!