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The Savior's Call


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1. Rouse ye at the Savior's call!
Sinners rouse ye one and all;
Wake! or soon your souls will fall,
Fall in deep despair.
Woe to him who turns away,
Jesus kindly calls today;


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Come, O sinner, while you may,
Raise your soul in prayer.

2. Heard ye not the Savior cry?
"Turn, O turn, why will you die!"
And in keenest agony,
Mourn too late your doom!
Haste, for time is rushing on!
Soon the fleeting hour is gone,
The lifted arrow flies anon,
To sink you in the tomb!

3. By the Savior's bleeding love,
By the joys of heaven above,
Let these words your spirits move;
Quick to Jesus fly!
Come and save your souls from death,
Haste! escape Jehovah's wrath,
Fly! for life's a fleeting breath,
Soon, O soon you'll die.