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The Buchaneers and Douglas.


Tuesday, September 14, 1858.

The Administration party in this State seem determined to make known their sentiments in regard to Douglas, a man whom they lately worshipped as the greatest statesman of the universe. At a mass convention held by them, in the 6th District, at Springfield, after nominating John L. McConnell for Congress, they devoted three resolutions to their late chief. They are as follows:

Resolved: That we refuse, as National Democrats, to acquiesce in, or approve of, the action of Stephen A. Douglas, in his unjustifiable course towards the National Democracy, in Congress, last winter, deeming it unworthy of his exalted position and his consistency as a Democrat.

Resolved, That we wholly repudiate the heresies attempted to be forced by our Senator, S. A. Douglas, on the Democracy of Illinois, and particularly those promulgated in his recent Freeport speech, believing the same to be Anti-Democratic, and eminently calculated, if not designed, to sever the Illinois Democracy from the Democracy of the Union, and to demoralise and finally overthrow it.

Resolved, That we hereby declare our unqualified condemnation of the arrogant and impudent assumption of Stephen A. Douglas in forcing himself upon the attention of the public as the canddiate for the United States Senate, when in fact, he is not nominated, but an uninvited, self-constituted candidate.

If we recollect rightly it was at this meeting that Breckenridge, Dickinson, and other lion were to be present and bring back the bolters to the fold; but they didn't come, though Dickenson sent a message full of sympathy. They will need that sympathy after election more than they do now.