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Homeward Bound.


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10s & 4s.
Arranged by Rev. J. W. DADMUN.

1. Out on an ocean all boundless, we ride,
We're homeward bound, homeward bound.
Tossed on the waves of a rough restless tide,
We're &c.
Far from the safe, quiet harbor we've rode,
Seeking our Father's celestial abode.
Promise of which on us each he bestowed,
We're &c.

2. Wildly the storm sweeps us on as it roars,
We're homeward bound.
Look! yonder lie the bright heavenly shores,
We're homeward bound.
Steady, O pilot! stand firm at the wheel,
Steady! we soon shall outweather the gale;
O, how we fly 'neath the loud-creaking sail,
We're homeward bound.

3. Into the harbor of heaven now we glide,
We're home at last.
Softly we drift on its bright silver tide,
We're home at last.
Glory to God! all our dangers are o'er,
We stand secure on the glorified shore,
Glory to God! we will shout evermore,
We're home at last.