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Hail to Old Zack.

Air — Hail to the Chief.

Hail to "OLD ZACK," in triumph advancing,
Honor'd by us be his ever dear name;
Long may these States, with his bright banner glancing,
Be happy, and cherish his glory and fame.
Our tried brave defender,
He ne'er will "surrender,"
But boldly press on — careful and steady;
While every tongue and pen
Sends back the shout again,
Honor the Hero, brave "Rough and Ready."

Taylor's no slim sapling, by chance near a fountain,
Blooming in Spring, and in winter to fade;
When storms other leaves have clean stripp'd from the mountain,
The more shall we freemen exult in his shade,
Moor'd on the tried rock,
Proof against slander's shock,
The firmer he stands while the ruder it blows!
Free men and women, then,
Sound forth his praise again —
Honor the Hero, brave "Rough and Ready."

Rouse, freeman! arouse, and remember your station,
Up to your work for the cause of the land;
Oh! that the people composing this nation
Were once more united in one solid band!
To beat the Loco crew,
In spite of all they'll do,
Cass is their leader, (his name's beyond the sea,)
But he cannot escape
From "a little more grape;"
Honor the Hero, brave "Rough and Ready."

Hail the bright prospect that rises to vision!
"Old Zack" will conquer as he has before,
Bright on the banners of ev'ry division,
His name is lettered with that of Fillmore.
May his glory in the West,
Soon fill our loved East,
All through the Union to shine bright and steady;
Then all Whigs far and near
Will, with a hearty cheer,
Honor the Hero, brave "Rough and Ready."