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That's My Country.


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Does the land, in native might,
Pant for Liberty and Right?
Long to cast from human kind
Chains of body and of mind —
That's my country, that's the land
I can love with heart and hand,
O'er her miseries weep and sigh,
For her glory live and die.

Does the land her banner wave,
Most invitingly, to save;
Woing to her arms of love,
Strangers who would freemen prove?
That's the land to which I cling,
Of her glories I can sing,
On her altar nobly swear
Higher still her fame to rear.

Does the land no conquest make,
But the war for honor's sake —
Count the greatest triumph won,
That which most of good has done —
That's the land approved of God;
That's the land whose stainless sod
O'er my sleeping dust shall bloom,
Noblest land and noblest tomb!