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96. John J. Hall to William H. Herndon.

Farmington Ills. Oct. 14th 1865.

Dear Sir:

Yours of Sept. 22d. came to Charleston while I was bedfast, with a broken leg, and I did not receive it until yesterday.

In answer to your interrogations, I would say, that my father Squire Hall and my mother Matilda Johnston were married September 5th 1826; at the house of Thomas Lincoln, Spencer Co. Ind.

To your 2d interrogation respecting Mr. Lincoln's writing in his copy book, I would state that it is in Charleston, and I cannot answer this now, but suppose that you have received this from A. H. Chapman, if not let me know on the reception of this, and I will obtain the information and forward to you. The town that you passed through between here and Charleston is Farmington, should you desire any other or farther information you can obtain any that may be in my power


to give, by addressing me, directing your letters to Campbell P.O. Coles, instead of sending them to Charleston.

Very Truly
John J. Hall.

Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:302