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167. R. A. Creal to William H. Herndon.

Larue Co. Ky. March 12 1866

Mr. Herndon

I suppose the name was never changed it was only the People called it wrong. Abraham Lincoln the grand father of the President I have been told setled in the eastern Part of Bulitt Co. Ky. and was killed there by Indians. My farm is broken baren land but can all be cultivated with the Plow it is divided into basins hills and hillsides the basins occupy about one third of the land and are very Rich the hills and hillside are less productive and are about ten or twelve feet higher land than the basins. Anciently this land was nearly destitute of timber being covered with barren grass weeds and shrubs and occasionally a little grove of timber consisting of Post Oake Black Oak and Hickory a description of this farm is a very good description of all the country around except on the little creeks and branches the land is more level and heavy timbered

R. A Creal

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