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Holy Freedom.


By Oliver Johnson.

The bondmen are free in the isles of the main!
The chains from their limbs they are flinging!
They stand up as men! — never tyrant again,
In the pride of his heart, shall God's image profane!
It is Liberty's song that is ringing!
Hark! loud comes the cry o'er the bounding sea,
"Freedom! Freedom! Freedom, our joy is in thee!"

Alas! that today, on Columbia's shore,
The groans of her slaves are resounding!
On plains of the South their life-blood they pour!
O, Freemen! blest Freemen! your help they implore!
It is Slavery's wail that is sounding!
Hark! loud comes the cry on the Southern gale,
"Freedom! Freedom Freedom or death must prevail!"

O ye who are blest with fair Liberty's light,
With courage and hope all abounding,
With weapons of love be ye bold for the right!
By the preaching of truth put oppression to flight!
Then, your altars triumphant surrounding,
Loud, loud let the anthem of joy ring out!
"Freedom! Freedom!" list all the world to the shout!



1. Attributed to Pierpont in previous editions by mistake.