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Life Let Us Cherish.

Life let us cherish
While the taper glows,
And the fresh flow'ret
Pluck ere it close.

Why are we fond of toil and care?
Why choose the rankling thorn to wear,
And heedless by the lilly stray,
Which blossoms in our way?
Life let us cherish, &c.

When clouds obscure the atmosphere
And forked lightnings rend the air,
The sun resumes his silver crest,
And smiles adorn the west.
Life let us cherish, &c.

The genial seasons soon are o'er,
Then let us, ere we quit this shore
Contentment seek — it is life's rest,
The sunshine of the breast.
Life let us cherish, &c.


Away with every toil and care,
And cease the rankling thorn to wear;
With manful heart life's conflicts meet,
Till death sounds the retreat.
Life let us cherish, &c.