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How Long! O! How Long!


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How long will the friend of the slave plead in vain?
How long e'er the Christian will loosen the chain?
If he, by our efforts, more hardened should be,
O Father, forgive him! we trust but in thee.

That ‘we're all free and equal,’ how senseless the cry,
While millions in bondage are groaning so nigh!
O where is our freedom? equality where?
To this none can answer, but echo cries, where?

O'er this stain on our country we'd fain draw a veil,
But history's page will proclaim the sad tale,
That Christians, unblushing, could shout ‘we are free,’
Whilst they the oppressors of millions could be.

They can feel for themselves, for the Pole they can feel,
Towards Afric's children their hearts are like steel;
They are deaf to their call, to their wrongs they are blind;
In error they slumber nor seek truth to find.

Though scorn and oppression on our pathway attend,
Despised and reviled, we the slave will befriend;
Our Father, thy blessing! we look but to thee,
Nor cease from our labors till all shall be free.

Should mobs in their fury with missiles assail,
The cause it is righteous, the truth will prevail;
Then heed not their clamors, though loud they proclaim
That freedom shall slumber, and slavery reign.