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Holy Time.


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"The Sabbath was made for man."
Tune — "Somerville."

What's ‘holy time?’ What's ‘holy time?’
There is no time too pure
To win the erring back from crime,
The wav'ring to secure;
To whisper to the


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doubting soul,
‘The tempting draught beware!
Touch not, touch not the sparkling bowl
Touch not — for death is there!’

To raise the bondman from the dust,
Where he hath suffer'd long,
To bid him hope with joyful trust,
Take courage, and be strong;
To pledge to him our heart and hand,
That firmly by his side,
Shoulder to shoulder we will stand,
As brethren true and tried.

The light of home again to shed
O'er many a dreary hearth;
To raise once more the tones long fled
The tones of joy and mirth.
For this the Sabbath's hours were given,
For this was it design'd,
That we therein might worship Heaven,
By toiling for mankind.