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AIR -- "A health let us drink to the Hero and Sage"

The "Spoilsmen" are fretful and gloomy as night,
Their "Denmark is rotten" about,
The party's perplexed find in horrible plight,
For Matty they know must go out;
Our flag, like the sign to the Roman, I ween,
Will lead us to glory -- and who
Would'nt stick to that flag while a star's to be seen
The flag of Old Tippecanoe.

"The sceptre and power from Judah must go;"
The days of Van Buren are told,
The People, refusing to take, as you know,
Shin-plasters, for promised gold:
Then on to the rescue my hearties we move,
Corruption must shrink if we do,
Let's stick to Old Buckeye, the Statesman we love,
The Hero of Tippecanoe!

Our ship CONSTITUTION, though staunch in her hull,
Is marr'd by the Partisan storm;
But we safely will moor her by united pull,
In the haven of real reform:
But the ship to be saved a new Master must own,
And a new set of Tars for the crew;
From the Ancient Domain the Lieutenant must come
The Captain from Tippecanoe!

When war's deadly summons had led us to blows,
Where was Kinderhook Van to be found?
In the rear of all dangers, with Bluelights and foes,
He hated the battles' dread sound.
Where was HARRISON then? on the field of his fame
There, prov'd himself gallant and true,
The roar of the cannon was music to him
The Hero of Tippecanoe.


When peace by proud victories came again brief,
The Hero returned to his plough;
But the people are coming to make him their Chief,
With purpose inflexible now.
Then fill up your wine cups and pass them around,
Let's drink to the brave and the true,
And this be our toast, The Brave Hero of Thames,
The Hero of Tippecanoe!