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97. A. H. Chapman to William H. Herndon.

Charleston Ills. Oct 18/.65.

Friend Herndon.

Yours dated the 16th is just at hand. I think it extremely doubtful about my succeeding in borrowing that Coppy Book of Johnston for you but I will see him the latter part of the week & will do the best I can for you & if I succeed will Express it to you. I dont think I can get that Coppy of Barclays Dictionary as Mr Hanks tried once to get it for myself but could not do So. I will try it & do my best. If I dont succeed in getting those Books for you before I leave I will leave the job in the hands of my Eldest Son who is as Sharp as Lightning & May Succeed in getting them for you. When Mr Lincoln was here in 1858 he Stayed at my House. His Mother Mrs Lincoln was Living with me at that time & was at home. I dont remember any thing that took place between them at that time only that Mr Lincoln left on the 4 am Train & that the Old Lady got up to see him before he Started & that he gave her 50 Dollars that morning although the Old Lady assured him that she did not need it. The quotation from Mr Lincolns Coppy Book is word for word & Letter for Letter as in the Coppy Book, you can rely on this as correct. If any other information I have is wanted I will send it to you cheerfully & rest assured no one else shall have the information I have already given you In Haste

your friend
A. H. Chapman.

Mr Lincoln was always a great favorite with the citizens of this Co. even his political opponents here rejoiced over his success Saying that they had every confidence in his honesty & patriotism & if thy had to be beaten by the Republican party that thy would rather be beaten by Mr Lincoln than any one else & many of Mr Douglases friends Said if we cant elect Douglass we want Lincoln to succeed. Mr Lincoln was a long ways More popular (personally) in this Co than any man in the Nation


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