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The Free Soiler's Song.


We hoist fair Freedom's standard,
On hill and dale it stands;
From broad Atlantic's borders,
To Oregon's far lands.
Where'er the winds may wander,
Where'er the waters roll,
Its wide-spread folds extending,
Shall spread from pole to pole.

Tho' slavery's frightened forces
May sound their loud alarms,
And call their flying squadrons
To muster up their arms.
Tho' Whig and Loco falter,
And knees of Doughface shake,
No "free soil" soul shall tremble
Nor for slave thunder quake.

Tho' Taylorites and Cassites
May jibe, and jeer, and flout,
With "free soil" on our banner,
We'll whip the cravens out.
"Free soil, free speech" for ever,
Shall on our "free flag" fly,
Till mountain and till valley
Shall echo back the cry.