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Convention Song.


Written for the Choir of the National Clay Club of Phila., and sung by them with unbounded applause at Baltimore.
Air — Take heed! whisper low!

Arouse, arouse from hill and valley
Comes sweeping on a gallant band;
Behold the glorious freemen's rally,
Awakes the spirit of the land.
Sweep on, sweep on o'er hill and dale,
Sweep on, sweep on,
Aloud, aloud on every gale,
Aloud, aloud,
Our voices hail this happy, happy day,
While echo speaks the name of HENRY CLAY.

From north and South our ranks are forming,
And proudly march the East and West;
And while each heart with zeal is warming,
By every lip one name is blessed.
Sweep on, &c.

Upon the air are banners streaming;
The Bugles' note their strains prolong;
With joy and hope each eye is beaming,
Spontaneous wakes each voice in song.
Sweep on, &c.

The emblems of our country's glory
In silent watch beside us stand;
Oh, may our Fathers' spotless story,
Our counsels guide, and save our land.
Sweep on, &c.

Then, brethren, from this magic hour,
The hope of long and bitter years,
Exert your freedom's right and power,
And wipe away Columbia's tears.
Sweep on, &c.