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187. Dennis F. Hanks to William H. Herndon.

Charleston Apreel 18. 66

Dere William

I am in posesion of your Letter the 14th

1s whare and what County was Thomas Lincoln Maried I Say in Hardin County Elizabeth Town in 1806 this I am not positive

2d Is there a north fork and South fork Pigeon Creek I think there was Gentry Vile was on the South Side of the South fork Sumtimes Called the prary fork there was a Little prairy on it where we ust to Muster

Who is Beried Nancy Lincoln first Elizabeth Sparow Next Thomas Sparrow Next Nancy Hall Next Levi Hall Elizabeth Sparow is on the Side of Abes mother Nancy Hall on the other which is My Mother the other is My ant Elizbeth Sparow

4th who came out to Illinois with thomas Lincoln Nobody But his Relitives 2 Sun an laws two Dauteran Laws Squier Hall D. F. Hanks

Matilda & Elizabeth Johnston you Should have Said they Came with Me to Illinois there was 13 in the three familys Thos Lincoln wife Abe J D Johnston Squir Hall wife Sun Dennis F Hanks wife 3 Daughters one Sun John Han Sarah


J Hanks Nancy M Hanks Hariet A Hanks John Talbott Hanks if there is any thing Rong Name it gain I am Not well at this time

your friend as yousal
D. F. Hanks

I wrote this in My Lap —

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2546; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:273 — 74



1. In the late 1820s, every able-bodied man eighteen to forty-five years of age, unless exempted by law, was a member of the Indiana Militia, which mustered at least twice a year (Laws of Indiana [1828], 59 — 60).