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The Clarion of Freedon.


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Words from the Emancipator.
Music "The Chariot."

The clarion, — the clarion of Freedom now sounds,
From the east to the west, Non extension resounds;
From the hills, and the streams, and the far distant skies,
Let the


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shout non extension and Free Soil arise.

The army — the army have taken the field,
And the hosts of Free Soil never, never will yield;
By free principles strengthened, each bosom now glows,
And with ardor immortal the struggle they close.

The armor, the armor that girds every breast,
Is the hope of deliverance for millions oppressed;
O'er the tears, and the sighs, and the wrongs of the slave,
See the white flag of freedom triumphantly wave.

The conflict — the conflict will shortly be o'er,
And the demon of slavery shall rule us no more;
And the laurels of victory shall surely reward,
The heroes immortal who've conquered for God.