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The Freemen of the North


TUNE -- Auld Lang Syne.

WHILE Kansas' murdered freemen lie
On every sunny plain,
And blazing homes light up her sky
Like death-fires for the slain;
While Southern treason rages high,
And grows the deadly feud,
The North sends back her battle-cry --
"We will not be subdued!"

The South may send her champions out,
Her cowards armed with canes,
The freemen of the North fear not
Her tyrants or her chains;
And when she lifts her red right hand
With brothers' blood imbued,
We scorn her boasting and her threats --
"We will not be subdued!"


A mighty army go we forth,
With Fremont in the van,
To wage the warfare of the North
For freedom and for man;
And he who sought the western sea
Through wilds of solitude,
Shall lead us on to victory --
"We will not be subdued!"