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Letter from William Gooding to G. W. Green Concerning the Canal's Completion

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Canal Office
Lockport Feb.9-1848

Mr. G. W. Green,

Dear Sir,
The weather continues most delightful and now is the time to get the bal. of the materials which we require to finish up. Mr. Talcott has written you about some matters, but I am getting uneasy about Lock 14 and if, from present indications, you do not feel entirely certain that Hardy will have the limber all on the ground within ten days say to Grubb that he may have the job as his own proposal on condition that he will have the timber there and the quoins finished and in their places in three weeks from the time the notice is received. Tell him that there is no time to be lost about the gates of the said Lock and he must work fast

In fact I desire you to push every thing and if you are a good boy and do well perhaps there will be reduction of your pay. Seriously I think that you will find enough to do to occupy all your time.

I wish you would see, too, about the bridges on Secs. 148 & 154 and inform me how matters stand in relation to them. See Frost and say to him that every thing depends upon his finishing his work just as soon as practicable. I see nothing now to prevent opening the Canal by the first of April if he can be out of the way by the middle of March, so that we can fill up the gaps, take out bars &c. by that time. I say again push, push

Truly Yours

Wm Gooding