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Our Man of War.


How gallantly our battle ship
O'er foam-crest surges flies,
Her white wings skimming now the sea,
Now soaring to the skies.
Her flag of light's a meteor bright
That heeds no storm or wreck,
A thousand patriot spirits share
The glory of her deck.

Adieu to home, where loved ones dwell,
Our country quick we leave;
Hark to the deep cathedral swell
Of th' outward bounding wave!
A sigh for friends now far behind,
A cheer for honor's way;
Three more; for majesty of mind
And freedom's boundless sway.

Farewell awhile, thou lessening shore!
All hail, thou mighty sea!
That bears our pennant proud where'ere
A foeman's flag we see.
Lo! on the horizon looms a hull
Whose black spars hostile rise;
But umpire now, thou ocean great
Be witnesses, you skies.


Mark! moving like a spirit dark,
That war-ship lurches now:
Clear decks for action! To your guns,
Steadily! each gallant brow!
See! see! she hoists the foe's red flag!
Up with our stripes and stars!
His bow gun booms! He fires again!
Have at him, Yankee tars!

Well done! Bear down upon him lads,
Launch forth your iron fires!
As Perry, Hull, Decatur did,
Now emulate your sires!
Hurrah! But see, he strikes his flag,
Cease firing! we must save
His crippled ship — she sinks! Bear hand!
To rescue the conquer'd brave.

Soon on our deck the sullen foe
Surrenders his command,
The fight is o'er, now foes no more,
We grasp the friendly hand.
Victors! we soothe his wounded pride,
Thus brave men ever meet;
And Erie, Tunis Champlain prove
That such tars man our fleet.

Oh! be it ever o'er such men
That our striped banner flows
Full glorious, when the war-wind's hush'd,
Or when it fiercely blows.
Come, cheer all hands! we're homeward bound,
For peace and altars free;


The motto, ‘Don't give up the ship!’
Your watchword ever be.

Then crowd all sail! our trim, taut ship
For home and loved ones steer,
And all our household deities
Whose magic spells are dear.
Let discipline be still observed
As o'er our seaman's boast;
Hark! hark! Columbia greets us back,
To guard her rock-girt coast.