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Come Out, Ye Continentalers!


Come out, ye continentalers!
We're going for to go
To fight the red-coat enemy,
Who're plaguy "cute," you know.

Now, shoulder whoop! — eyes right and dress
Front! — Davis wipe your nose —
Port whoop! — that's slick — now, carry whoop!
Mike Jones, turn out your toes.

Charge bagnet! — that your sort, my boys:
Now quick time! — march! — that's right,
Just so we'd poke the enemy,
If they were but in sight.

Halt! — shoulder whoop! — stop laughing, [unknown]
By plutons, wheel! — halt — dress!
Hold up your muzzles on the left;
No talking more or less


And Sneezer keep your canteen down,
We're going for to travel;
"Captain, I wants to halt a bit,
My shoes if full of gravel."

[unknown] — strike up music — for'ard march!
Now point your toes, Bob Rogers
[unknown] yonder are the red-coat men —
Let fly upon 'em, sogers.

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