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55. A. D. Wright to William H. Herndon.

Petersburg, July 6, 1865

Dear Sir:

Your note of 30 ult. is before me, and in relation to the speech of J. H. Matheny Esq., I believe I can say that it is substantially correct. I made out from recollection the next day the article as published.

J.H.M. spoke to me some days after about the report of his remarks as published in the Rep. and thought I had colored it too highly — But I think not.


As to my "name" being used or made public, I care nothing about that, I do not write anything, but what I believe to be true, and do not intend to do injustice to any one.

In relation to Mrs. A. I have not seen her since your letter was received — will make the inquiry on first sight, but I think and believe it true, that her first application to Mr. L. was a letter written to him, for her, by me at my store. I have written for her several letters to Mr. L. on that subject of her sons misfortune and also since the war, to obtain a discharge from the Army.

Yours truly
A. D. Wright.

Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:555 — 56



1. Probably Mrs. Hannah Armstrong.