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556. Alexander Campbell to Jesse W. Weik.

La Salle Dec 5th 1888

My dear sir

Yours of 2nd inst is received The only apology I have to offer for what must seem to unpardonable neglect in replying to your requests months ago is that a severe attack of rheumatism unfitted me for any business. and rendered a change of Climate and of treatment absolutely necessary. I visited the White Sulphur Springs in Pa where I remained for about two months without material benifit. In the hurry before leaving my papers got mislaid and supposing that you had got your book out before the time of my return it would be useless to write you. After thinking the matter over I find that in order to make the matter of my relations with Mr Lincoln inteligble to you and others will require a brief history of the Circumstances, Connected with the Case which I had purposed writing out to day but the death of a particular friend whose funeral I am invited to attend will prevent. I will however immediately on my return give attention to the Subject and mail it to you the Early part of the Coming week: Probably what I have to say would cover a page or two of your book but you will only publish what you May proper. As you have been at the Expense of Engraving my photograph and may be subjected to further Expense of publishing what you may think proper of the Communication I shall send you I will Cheerfuly recompense you therefor with sincere thanks for your Kindness

I am in haste

Very truly yours
A Campbell

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 1